Firts TurtleNetwork Assets Faucet system BETA 0.0.21


Welcome to SuperSistem (SSYS) faucet platform for TurtleNetwork. Premium members; If you have got minimum 1.000 SSYS, you are Premium members. Premium members will get more faucet. (NEW)

For continuity of the system, please donate TN or SSYS to 3JySFi8GBmrZM2hg4wADKx6GTJ6gNoMz2vT.

You can get every 24 hours with this faucet by entering your TN address below.


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You can buying SSYS from TurtleNetwork official. 

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If your want make airdrop. Thist tool for you. Airdrop Tool 

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Have you Asset?

If you are have asset on TurtleNetwork and are you want to make faucet, please conttact us.  Soon, it will be automated to add assets and make a feature. If you want make faucet; Please 1. Send your TOTAL assets, 2. Say to me min. per faucets amount , 3. Send TOTAL/Min*0.02 $TN, 4. send TOTAL/Min*1 $SSYS Adress:3JtSvRikEAGUNLRBnuUpNxYkpiDsaCGGfaC

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Whats a New?

  • (NEW) Release BETA 0.0.21 (Rebrand change ) 05/30/2019
  • (NEW) Release BETA 0.0.20 (Delist NATA and TNCT ) 05/30/2019
  • (NEW) Release BETA 0.0.19 (Fixed bugs ) 07/11/2018
  • () Release BETA 0.0.18 (Fixed bugs )
  • () Release BETA 0.0.17 (Fixed bugs )
  • () Release BETA 0.0.16 (Add  premium member properties )
  • () Release BETA 0.0.15 (Add  new security control)
  • () Release BETA 0.0.14 (Add  NATA faucet)